Lucas PlumbWith a desire to shrink my carbon footprint as well as get more exercise, I began riding my bike to work in 2007 and slowly started to realize what clothing worked best for both my professional life as an architect / psychologist, and for biking itself. I bought only stretchy clothes and also used leggings to go with shorter skirts that allowed me to ride more comfortably but still feel dressed up. Then I started riding to the symphony and parties or wherever I wanted no matter what the level of dressiness required. In 2013, I moved into my live/work studio and although I don't have to ride to work anymore, my bike is now my PMT (primary mode of transportation). This makes it even more important to wear clothes that let me jump on a bike, run a quick errand, and then get back to work. Often I am asked where I get my clothes or what it's like to ride a bike all dressed up. Eventually, I decided it would be a logical next step to start my own line of clothing and BIKEISTA was born.